Ernestine Block Grigsby Award

The Ernestine Block Grigsby Award honors alumnae who, through their loyalty and dedication to Tri Delta, have given outstanding service to their local chapters. This award was first presented at the 1978 Convention to honor Ernestine Block Grigsby for her many contributions to Tri Delta. We are extremely proud of all our nominees and thank them for years of service to our chapter. 


1978 Elise Hardy*

1980  Joanne Bates

1982 Ruth Knox

1984  Leah Porzel

1986 Barbara Castle**

1988  Maggie Glauber

1990 Leah Porzel***

1992 Maggie Glauber

1994 Penny Fletcher**


1998 Betty Mahon

2000 Dolores Derrington

2002 Sandra Kilburn****


2006 Arline Easley**

2008 Anne Tapaszi

2010 Claire Machosky**

2012 Julie Mounts

2014 Jane Delbridge

2016 Jane Northern


2020 Jane Northern

2022 Pending  












*     Elise Hardy was the first national winner of the Ernestine Block Grigsby Award in 1978

**    Barbara Castle, Penny Fletcher, Arline Easley, and Claire Machosky were recognized as Honorable Mention recipients.

***  Leah Porzel was awarded this national honor in 1990.

**** Sandra Kilburn was awarded first runner-up in 2002.